Paragon Offshore Announces Consensual Restructuring Agreement Got To In Between Safe And Unsecured …

ARRANGEMENT CLEARS COURSE TO JUNE VERIFICATION Term Lenders and Revolver Lenders to get professionalaccording to the calculated share shares of$ 410 million in money, 50 %of new typical equity, and new term financial debt of$85 million Unsecured Noteholders to receive$ 105 million in cash as well as 50% of brand-new usual equity No settlement with […]

High Court Provides Personal Bankruptcy Impact To Hedge Funds As Well As Various Other Lenders

The current United States Supreme Court choice in the situationwhen it comes to Czyzewski et al. v Jevic Holding Corp. et al.has a significant effecteffect on hedge funds as well as other secured lending institutions– specifically those giving financing to leveraged buyouts (LBO). Jevic was an interstate trucking firm that had actually been the topic […]