Cops Beat: Handbag, Money, Credit Cards Taken

MARION AUTHORITIES DEPARTMENT JUNE 23 ARRESTS Robin L. Hess, 49, 288 Silver St., was arrested at her house on a felony warrant for failure to appear.A male was detained in the 200 block of North Grand Avenue on a charge of probation violation.A male was arrested in the 900 block of Bryant Street on a […]

Bankruptcies, Repossessions Up In Areas Where Gas, Coal Employees Lost Jobs

A year after being laid off by oilfield services huge Halliburton, Sean McGrath says he remains in “survival mode.” “We # 39; re struggling to pay every expense we have,” stated McGrath, 50, of West Wheatfield in Indiana County, who is tryingaiming to support his wife and 4 children on about $600 per month in […]

Oregon Father And Son Scammed Financiers In Company Scams Conspiracy, Indictment Alleges

Ronald Stover also is accused of making false statements in bankruptcy court proceedings. He filedapplied for personal bankruptcy in Texas on Dec. 13, 2013, attempting to rid himself of more than $9.5 countless financial obligation, according to his indictment. Ronald Stover likewise deals with federal indictment on charges of securities scams, theft and racketeering in […]

Clinton Hits Trump In Columbus Speech

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was not shy about chastising Donald Trump’s proposed financial strategies throughout her speech on the economy Tuesday in Columbus. Clinton spoke at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center to a crowd of about 200 people in the school’s automobile store. In spite of the sweltering heat, the crowd did […]

Costco Changes Credit Cards Today, Ending Amex Ties

Costco on Monday changed over from just accepting American Express credit cards to just accepting Visa credit cards in all its US areas. For many years, AmEx had actually been the Issaquah-based retail giant’s credit-card network and the company of its co-branded credit cards.

Premier Cru Lawsuit: Some Customers To Get Refunds

“The legal arguments and disagreements between the Trustee and the complainant … are exceptionally made complex, various and tough to fix,” according to the settlement files filed in court. “In all likelihood, nonconsensual resolution of those disputes would consume numerous months or years of litigation, at much greater cost and at substantial danger of loss. […]

Costco Charge Card Switch A Headache For Some Shoppers

More than 11 million cards already have been provided to existing Costco members, stated Citi spokeswoman Jennifer Bombardier in an email. Those Costco members flooded Citis phone lines with more than 1.5 million hire the days after the switch, she said.Due to the remarkable reaction, some clients experienced delays reaching consumerclient service; nevertheless, call volumes […]

10 Best And Worst Ways To Deal With Financial Tension

6. Consider All Your Financial Options Not everyone will be in a position to pay off all their debt and may need to consider other, more extreme alternatives. SelectingOpting to settle debt for less than owed or thinking about a personal bankruptcy can be psychologically taxing. “First, acknowledge you are not alone,” said Bruce Ailion, […]

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