• 2 Men Used Phony Credit Cards At Essex County Whole Foods Stores: Cops

    On June 10, Madison police were dispatched to the regional Whole Foods shop just after 4 pm for a report of an individual attempting to utilize a deceitful charge card. When patrols arrived workers stated one suspect fled the shop and provided police with a description.Cpl.

    Luis Goncalves fulfilledconsulted with Ronald Jean-Gilles, 22, of Brooklyn, who was found to be in ownership of “a number of” deceitful credit cards with fictitious names on them, Miscia said.Shortly after

    Madison detectives Ken Shannon and Paul Papamarkos stopped a vehicle fitting the description provided by store employees and found Bryan Jean, 24, of Brooklyn, New York. He was also discovered to be in belongings of fraudulent credit cards, Miscia stated.

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