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When looking to remodel a room by adding a new style, consider the many DIY wainscoting ideas that are out there Remodeling your home can be entertaining cost effective and easy to do yourself. Wainscoting is a type of paneling introduced to present walls to provide a non-flat floor that comes in many styles.

Wainscoting in the US

When eu settlers came to America, they brought with them decorating styles that were pleasing to their international locations of origin. Many East Coast cottages and properties contain tongue and groove type wainscoting that shunned an English, Scottish or Irish decor.

Prefabricated Wainscoting

Today, prefabricated wainscoting is out there in many styles. Most prefabricated wainscoting panels are designed to be cut-to-fit, cast time dropping out measuring and becoming of pre-cut pieces Trim board that is placed on the top and backside can come beveled or not depending on what type you select. Most prefabricated wainscoting panels are unfinished allowing you to finish them as you desire.

Raised Panels

Wainscoting was in the beginning used to protect partitions in high visitors areas and was stained and sealed to provide more coverage to plaster partitions Scuffs, dings, and abrasions take their toll on plaster partitions In high visitors places patching the plaster and painting was the only solution for high traffic go surfing Raised panel wainscoting was an expensive and labor drinking project Today, plain, decorative and even carved design panels are obtainable in kits and by the section.


Many New England properties contain a type of simple wainscoting called "beadboard". Straight geometric panels of wood with a plain top molding and thin plain baseboard type molding often resembles tongue and groove. Beadboard can be tongue and groove wood that has been glued together or a single sheet of wood carved to resemble tongue and groove. larger designs are customarily made on a single sheet of wood.

adorning with Beadboard

These simple designs may deliver a rustic look to a living or eating room mainly when lightly stained and polished. placed in a bathroom and painted white, beadboard can minimize the need for repeated portray from normal wear and tear. adorning ideas include painting the wall above the beadboard a light color, adding a wall paper border where the wall and ceiling meet or portray the wall in an accent color to stained beadboard.

Do It Yourself - DIY Wainscoting

picking to set up wainscoting yourself is an easy do it yourself task Wainscoting kits and prefabricated panels eliminate difficult slicing and trimming. verify the manufacturer installation commands earlier than you begin.

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