House For Sale In Queens

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House For Sale In Queens

House For Sale In Queens -
Busca Vida is one of the finest places for acquiring or building a home if you want to reside in an upmarket and quiet location near Salvador. The real estate for sale in Busca Vida contains a few very well-designed residences with upmarket facilities The condominiums have just about exclusive access to the Busca Vida seaside due to the format which prevents easy access to the beach for outsiders.

The town is forward about forty km from Salvador on the Coconut Coast in Bahia. It is only about 17 km away from the international airport and just a short road-trip from the vacationer village of Praia do area of expertise with its ecological conservation tasks Busca Vida is most famous for its wonderful beach which extents to about 9 km. The seaside set in opposition to an open sea is perfect for surfing and other water-sports.

Real estate Overview

Busca Vida offers well-designed spacious residences in good locations The development quality is always of high standards You have the choice of constructing a apartment as plots of land in well-developed condominiums are out there for acquire You can expect the greatest of amenities and leisure amenities in the condominiums. The houses can also be used as holiday residences or can be rented out to americans visiting the area for business or tourism purposes.

The cost of properties can vary from R$350,000 for a one at the start condo to R$5,000,000 for a luxurious house The common cost of a house is approximately R$1,677,000. Land is obtainable from R$800,000 to R$2,300,000 with an common cost of about R$1,533,000.

residences In Busca Vida

For charge up to R$800,000 you will get residences in condos close to the seashore You can expect one hundred to 350 sq. meters of built space and plot sizes of about 900 to V-day sq. meters. notwithstanding a few lower priced residences may have only one suite, you will also find others in the same price range with three to four bedrooms and one or more suites.

security parking facility, a small garden or inexperienced space maid room, pantry, barbeque area and a home workplace are a few of the features that can be expected within this price. You are also likely to get cable TV and internet connectivity.

Above R$800,000 and up to R$1,000,000 you will get more spacious homes with among 275 to 450 sq. meters built-up area You can expect 3 to seven bedrooms or suites. These houses are ahead in a few of the greatest condos near the seaside and on occasion close to the town They are well-designed and often come with advanced building quality and finish.

You can expect fill up aspects like a high-end swimming pool, well laid out backyard lawns or green space with fruit timber well, irrigation system, diverse car garage playground, electric heating, solar heating and worker quarters. As common amenities you may get tennis courts, playground, jogging track and restaurant facilities.

At charge above R$1,000,000 luxury houses in a few of the finest condos in town on waterfront destinations and very close to the beach are out there Plots sizes range from 1000 to 2000 sq. meters and development sizes range from 350 to 800 sq. meters. You will get at least 4 suites.

Other than the facilities mentioned earlier than expect large landscaped gardens, facility to park varied automobiles guest parking, jacuzzi and rooms to accommodate friends The development quality is excellent and the homes are often designed by aware of architects. some houses have a private seashore and a pool baR

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